Child Injury Claims in SW Florida

As parents, we want to protect our children and shelter them from pain and hurt. When it comes to our children, nothing seems good enough. We care for them and love them dearly, want to make sure that their futures are bright, and want to make sure their needs are always met, now and into the future.

Child Injury Creates Hardship for the Family

Unfortunately, sometimes children suffer serious injuries in SW Florida auto accidents, defective products, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, or dangerous property conditions caused by negligence. Panic can easily, and understandably, set in.  As parents, we would gladly take on the pain, the hurt, the challenges, to free our children from any pain and suffering.

We all know that sometimes bad things happen to the most innocent among us.  When a careless or bad act occurs, the parent within each of us has to take over.  Panic must turn into hope, sadness must turn into energy, and anger must to turn into solutions.

Turning the Common Panic and Fear into Action

When children suffer injuries, parents are often panicked, fearful, angry, and sad for their children. As a father and attorney, I know the anguish parents feel when their children are hurting, use that understanding and compassion to fight for the maximum compensation for injured children.

Children are very resilient, and can often accommodate challenges and overcome hardship. It is second-nature for them. This amazing spirit, coupled with top health care, provides real hope.

In light of your child’s serious injuries and losses, now is the time to seek medical answers and solutions. As your lawyer, I will work on the legal challenges, and fight to obtaining the funds needed to provide access to the

Entrusting Your Child’s Needs is a Big Commitment

Your child’s personal injury often creates needs, now and in the future, for care and financial security. These are critical factors requiring trust, honesty, and open communication.

When you call me and to entrust your child’s legal needs with me, I put your child’s interests first, whether fighting to hold the reckless accountable or convincing the insurance company to pay for your child’s future needs. I fight for compensation to pay current and future medical bills, current and future needs, and present and future pain and suffering. All of this is done with parental involvement and to the extent possible, child input. Every question is answered, every call taken or returned, and you stay updated on the progress of the claim.

Some injuries, such as broken bones, do heal over time although they present physical difficulties into the future. Other injuries, such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage, often last a lifetime.

No amount of money will take that pain and challenge away, but can often provide the means for hope. The best health professionals doing amazing work, but their services cost a lot of money. Compensation may be the resource to afford and pay for that top quality care.

For pursuit of the best financial recovery possible, then simply call me. The phone call and consultation are free.