Dump Truck Accident

In SW Fla., dump trucks and haulers travel on our highways, State Roads, County Roads, and our smaller roads and streets, every single day. Among the busiest for this truck traffic are the corridors of I-75 and US 41. Especially when residential, commercial, and public construction and development projects are on the rise, these open bed hauling vehicles appear to be everywhere.

These vehicles can weigh up to 60,000 pounds or more when fully loaded. These are heavy machines, having the weight and force equivalent of military tanks. As a consequence of this power, dump trucks are a danger to other vehicles on the road.

Every dump truck accident is potentially life-threatening to victims.

Driver Negligence in Operating a Heavy Dump Truck

Dump trucks can weigh 20-30 tons or more. A crash with a dump truck often has catastrophic consequences for drivers and passengers of cars, small trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and other motor vehicles. There are many causes for truck-involved accidents.

Some of the more frequent causes may include the following:

  • violation of traffic safety laws
  • violation of trucking regulations
  • negligent hiring by the trucking company
  • truck driver fatigue
  • truck operator inexperience
  • defective truck equipment
  • improper truck maintenance
  • overloaded truck
  • loose cargo
  • uncovered load

Dump truck or hauling truck accident in Southwest Florida—Lee County, Collier County, Hendry County, Charlotte County—can be disastrous for victims. The power and force of the bucket truck or dump truck can obliterate any passenger vehicle.

Lives are forever changed. Victims and survivors are left to heal and pick up the pieces of what remains.

The critical injuries can also be harmful to the family relationships, financial security, and lead to an uncertain future. Compensation for your pain, suffering, medical bills, lost income, and associated harms and losses may be available from the truck driver, trucking company, insurance carriers, and potentially other responsible parties.

Another Source of Injury is Loose Cargo Falling from Dump Trucks

While many of these trucks are loaded with construction materials, sand, construction site waste, gravel, rocks, and other heavy and dangerous objects, too often we observe the truck drivers operating these large trucks with uncovered loads or unsecured loads.  Every dump truck in Florida is required to secure the load it is hauling, and take measures to prevent loose objects from falling out, blowing out, or popping out of the dump bed.

Dump trucks and hauling vehicles are required to secure their cargo. The load being hauled cannot be loose. Loose materials not capable of being secured by straps or chains, must be covered by tarp to prevents objects from falling from the open bed of the dumpster.

  • Florida law requires securing cargo and covering loose objects:  It is the duty of every owner and driver, severally, of any vehicle hauling, upon any public road or highway open to the public, dirt, sand, lime rock, gravel, silica, or other similar aggregate or trash, garbage, any inanimate object or objects, or any similar material that could fall or blow from such vehicle, to prevent such materials from falling, blowing, or in any way escaping from such vehicle.
  • Federal law requires all cargo to be secured: Each commercial motor vehicle must, when transporting cargo on public roads, be loaded and equipped, and the cargo secured . . . to prevent the cargo from leaking, spilling, blowing or falling from the motor vehicle.”

Every commercial vehicle which carries materials on a roadway or highway with an unsecured load is a dangerous and deadly hazard. When objects or materials fall, spill, or blow out from the dump bucket, the objects are the equivalent of high velocity cannon shot.

The results can be catastrophic—traumatic brain injury, paralysis, spinal cord injury, bone fractures, disfigurement—and deadly for innocent drivers. The unsecured or uncovered falling debris at high speeds can crash through a passenger vehicle windshield, seriously injuring the driver and occupants. The unsecured load which comes loose and flies off of a truck can also cause a driver to take evasive action which causes a crash.

Dump Truck Crash Victims Have a Voice and Advocate in Harris Law Firm

Virtually every single dump truck crash is preventable. Driver negligence, violation of safe driving and trucking regulations, and failing to implement and comply with basic safety measures are often causes of the tragic accidents. The deadly results and catastrophic harms and losses caused by hauling vehicle crashes are unimaginable and overwhelm the families impacted by the events.

For those good people and families seriously injured in a dump truck crash or loose cargo accident, contact attorney David Harris. David represents injured persons—victims and survivors and families—against those at fault for such loss. Compassionate, driven, and determined to secure justice for you and your family, David stands by you and for you, explaining everything so you understand the process every step of the way.

With David, you have the comfort of knowing that he is accessible to you and responsive to your needs, answering your questions, answering your phone calls, and valuing your thoughts and opinions. Your initial discussion is free and confidential, and if David accepts your case there is no fee unless money is recovered.