Golf Cart Accident Injury

In Southwest Florida, golf carts are a popular form of transportation. Not limited to the golf course, these vehicles are used to visit friends in many communities. In some locations, there are more golf carts on the sidewalks and community roads than cars.

Golf Cart Accident Injury is More Common Than You Might Think

When we think of golf carts, we usually think of fun and leisure. Many people do not realize that golf carts do have power. Most golf carts weigh 1,000 pounds and are designed to move up to 15 miles per hour. The weight and speed of such a moving vehicle is capable of causing serious damage to people.

Because of the number of golf carts in our region, particularly in golf communities and gated communities, golf cart accidents occur frequently. While many incidents may not result in injury, very often such accidents cause serious personal injury. Among the injuries include fractures, head injuries, and even spinal cord injuries.

Sometimes the driver of the golf cart is at fault, such as in the instance of an impaired driver or child driving the vehicle. A pedestrian struck by a golf cart moving quickly is often badly hurt.

In other instances, the golf cart is struck by a car or truck. No golf cart is a match for a full-size motor vehicle. Because the golf vehicle has a smaller profile than ordinary autos, some drivers of SUVs and trucks simply do not look out for them.

There are annually nearly 15,000 golf cart accident injuries in the U.S., most of which occur in Florida.

Golf Cart Accidents Are Surprisingly Dangerous

Driving a golf cart is surprisingly dangerous because the vehicle does not provide much physical protection for passengers. In addition, golf carts do not handle turns particularly well. If the driver makes a sharp turn, passengers may be ejected from the vehicle. Golf carts also have a tendency to roll over in these situations. When you combine these deficiencies with the fact that golf carts share the road with cars and trucks, there is great potential for a golf cart accident. These accidents can cause serious injuries, including fractures, limb amputations, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Common Causes of Golf Cart Accidents

There are many scenarios in which a person is injured in a golf cart accident. Among the circumstances:

  • impaired driver
  • operator error
  • pedestrian struck by gold cart
  • golf cart struck by car or truck
  • parking lot collision involving golf cart and car, SUV, truck
  • golf cart rollover
  • child operator of golf cart

Seeking Compensation for Golf Cart Accident Injury

Serious injuries are serious matters, regardless of how they happened. If you have been seriously injured in an accident involving a golf cart because someone else was careless, you deserve to be compensated.

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