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Traumatic brain injury—TBI—can lead to several physical, emotional, and behavioral effects. Depending on degree of trauma, or force striking the brain or shearing the organ, whether the victim survives or dies becomes a tragic tug-of-war witnessed by loved ones.

For brain damage survivors, medical treatment and therapy may consist of emergency surgery, induced coma, or other numerous invasive procedures. Similarly, relatively limited emergency medical care may be needed and more behavioral therapy required.

Brain injury caused by negligence, reckless acts, or other wrongdoing—resulting in outcomes from full recovery over time to permanent disability or death—often require the assistance of experienced legal counsel to recover the money needed to pay for the lifetime needs and losses.

Different Stages of Traumatic Brain Injury

There are three stages of caring for brain injury after trauma.

medical  three stages of remedy following a TBI are the acute stage, where the sufferer is stabilized right away right after the harm; sub acute, by which the sufferer is rehabilitated and returned to the community; and chronic, whereby the affected person continues to be rehabilitated and treated for long-term impairments.

  • Acute stage: Doctors and nurses try to stabilize the brain injured person and prevent further damage. Emergency treatment should occur within the “golden hour” immediately after the brain injury occurs. During transport of the patient to the hospital, for example, emergency medical personnel may try to maintain adequate cerebral blood flow, ensure suitable oxygen supply, and upon arrival at the hospital, doctors try to control pressure inside the skull. Patients are treated in the intensive care unit following neurosurgery.
  • Sub acute stage: When the patient is stable, medical care is focused on early detection of complications, recovering brain function, and preventing further damage. The patient may be transferred to an independent rehabilitation hospital. After discharge, care can be provided on an outpatient basis by family members who have been educated and trained by health professionals. Private nurses will come to the home on a scheduled prescribed by the treating physician.
  • Chronic stage: Disability may last a lifetime. Some therapy and care may be required years following the original injury. The damage is often significant for survivors, so the family caregivers are often a critical part of the rehabilitation care provided at home.

Money Damages Must Address the Needs of the Injured

If a loved one has suffered a head injury, brain damage, or TBI, caused by negligence, the you know the health care costs and future needs are incredibly expensive:

  • Neurosurgery
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Hospitalization
  • Physical therapy
  • Private nursing
  • Enrichment programs
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Psychological counseling
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Medical bills and health insurance liens—health insurance companies typically have a right to be paid back amounts paid for treatment from any settlement—can easily exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Compensation is sought to address all of these losses depending on the circumstances.

Similarly, lost work means lost income. Job training required because of new limitations or restricted ability  can be very expensive. Compensation should be sought address these needs.

Pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost opportunities in life, are enormous. Compensation should be sought for these non-financial losses.

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