Motorcycle Accident

Florida is motorcyclists’ paradise.  There are more motorcycles per person in Florida than anywhere else in the country.

Motorcycle Injuries are Many in Southwest Florida

Locally, Southwest Florida’s bike-friendly communities result in very heavy motorcyclist traffic.  Unfortunately, this has led to a high number of motorcycle injuries on our local roads.  According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are motorcycle accidents every week:

  • Charlotte County: 77 motorcycle injuries per year
  • Collier County: 58 motorcycle injuries per year
  • Hendry County: 12 motorcycle injuries per year
  • Lee County: 200 motorcycle injuries per year
  • Florida: 7,611 motorcycle injuries per year

Studies conducted at various highway safety agencies have suggested that in a vehicle versus motorcycle crash, the motorcyclist is often not the cause of the accident.  Instead, drivers of cars, vans, and trucks, are often at fault in crashes with motorcycles.

There are certainly instances in which single-motorcycle crashes occur due to rider error. Most experienced motorcyclists, however, know the dangers of the open road and strive to protect themselves.

Motorcyclists are at Great Risk in Every Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcyclists are in the open on their bikes and are exposed to dangers from which motorists in cars and trucks are often protected.  Autos are moving steel cages weighing several tons, and are equipped with additional safety devices such as seat belts, airbags, crumple zones, and even rollover protection.

No so for motorcyclists. Riders are open to the weather and other vehicles on the road.  Motorcycle riders do not have any safety zone between them and the road or cars and trucks on the highway.

Consider, for example, that even just tapping a motorcycle on the road can result in a catastrophic motorcycle crash.

Drivers Have a Duty to Share the Road with Motorcyclists

Drivers of passenger vehicles most often are the cause of serious motorcycle crashes involving at least two vehicles.  While bikers know to be looking for larger vehicles on the road, sadly, drivers of cars, vans, pick-ups, and larger vehicles fail to look out for motorcycles.

Every driver of every vehicle is required to obey the rules of the road.  This means sharing the road with motorcycles and looking out for them when changing lanes. Florida law confirms that motorcycles are entitled to full lane use and that no other motor vehicle may encroach on the bike.

Accident Lawyer Seeks Maximum Compensation for Motorcycle Crash Victims

Motorcycle accidents often have tragic consequences.  Death is common in motorcycle crashes, but even when the rider survives, he or she usually sustains catastrophic personal injury such as spine injury, paralysis, paresis, traumatic brain injury, amputation, degloving skin, road rash, and bone fractures.

If a careless driver caused your motorcycle crash, leaving you seriously injured or resulting in the death of your loved one, then contact Fort Myers motorcycle injury lawyer David Harris of Harris Law Firm to seek justice.  Every case is personal, and you will know quickly that David is an experienced and determined lawyer who will seek full money damages compensation on your behalf.