Need a Lawyer?

Lawyers are often hired when bad things have happened. This is the reality of this profession: no one really wants to hire a lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision. Rarely is anyone happy about having to hire an attorney. After serious personal injury strikes, it is not a choice to take lightly, yet so many people do just that.

As a consumer, you should know your attorney. Do you? Who is the person in whom you are about to place so much trust and hope? This should not be a mystery, and if it is, then you may experience some genuine disappointment.

Clients are Valued at Harris Law

Harris Law is a small Fort Myers based law office serving Southwest Florida injury victims. David Harris is the founder and principal of the firm, and personally represents his clients. Clients are appreciated—valued—and not taken for granted, ignored, or dismissed as unimportant.

Each client has the opportunity to personally meet with David, discuss their circumstances, have their opinions known, and address their hopes and needs. David listens and incorporates those personal and intimate details into the claim. Questions receive answers, phone calls receive attention, and clients are involved from day one. Harms, losses, and needs are understood—as they should be—in the drive to recover full compensation.

Knowing each client means not accepting every case for representation. Limiting the number of clients ensures a personal relationship between attorney and client.

David believes this is how law should be practiced, and there are no shortcuts to ground work and quality representation.

Clients are Welcome Here and Come from All Walks of Life

David has represented clients of all ages, backgrounds, and every walk of life. Seriously injured children and adults are welcome, and are seen for they are as people—their unique stories and needs. There is no prejudgment here, and David deals fairly and respectfully with every client, every time.

At Harris Law, individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injury—broken bones, spinal injury, paralysis, brain damage, disc herniation, amputation, severe burns, disfigurement, and similar harms—as well as those families who have lost their dear loved one to wrongful death. These good people need help to recover for their deep losses from at fault individuals and businesses and insurance companies behind the harms.

  • Highways crashes
  • Traffic accidents
  • Auto accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Semi truck accident
  • Bicycle crash
  • Product defects
  • Property hazards
  • Premises liability
  • Dram shop claims
  • Swimming pool drowning
  • Construction accident
  • Injured at work
  • Child injury
  • Wrongful Death

David knows that good people are the ones who get hurt because others did not follow the rules we all live by every day. David knows that decent, hardworking people have had their lives turned upside down are are stressed and overwhelmed by the challenges they face now and into the future.

You are the face of Harris Law’s clients. When you call on David to help you, David is vested personally in your tragedy, loss, and fight. David is your lawyer and is determined to achieve the best result under the facts and law to help you.

Discuss Your Circumstances with David

Since 1995, David has put his clients first seeking justice. The pursuit of justice can often be a complicated legal road. David, however, is up for your journey, dedicating to helping you, and driven to work with you toward achieving your goals.

Contact Harris Law for a free and personal consultation with David. You are encouraged to schedule a meeting in person so you get to know each other.

The fact is that your personal injury lawyer is probably going to be your closest adviser during the toughest times of your life. You should feel comfortable and trust your attorney. Start the discussion today—for free and no obligation—on the road to full justice.