Personal Injury

Personal Injury Encompasses the Field of Tort Law

“Personal injury” is the general terminology referring to the field of tort law.  Torts are wrongs committed by people, businesses, and corporations in the civil context. Sometimes there is overlap with the criminal justice system, such as child abuse injury claims, drunk driving, and so on.

Generally, personal injury claims refer to those allegations in which a person has suffered bodily injury, financial loss, and even wrongful death, as the result of negligence or misconduct of someone else. The reality is that severe, critical, and catastrophic injuries change lives and futures, for both personal injury victims and their families.

Sadly, there are physical challenges, emotional barriers, and strains on relationships, which often result from an violation of basic safety rules which likely lasted only seconds.

Personal Injury Claims Come in Many Forms

There are many forms in which a personal injury claim may arise, such as:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident: crashes of cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, bicycles; collisions involving  pedestrians
  • Premises Liability: slip and fall, falling product in a store, negligent security, dangerous condition of property
  • Defective Products: dangerous medicines, defective drugs, medical implant defects, consumer product hazards
  • Construction Site Accident: contractor negligence, safety violations, falls from scaffolding, work injuries

These are just samples of the types of incidents which can give rise to a personal injury liability claim.  Usually, each instance was avoidable through ordinary care, common sense safety measures, and simply “doing the right thing.”

Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyer David Harris Pursues Justice for Victims in Our Civil Justice System

Routine for Harris Law, but apparently the exception to many law firms, is the lawyer’s availability and responsiveness to clients and their needs. Phone calls, answering questions, and involvement in the claims process, are all part of the client experience.

Fort Myers personal injury lawyer David Harris serves seriously injured victims through their legal challenges, and seeks to enable and empower them to have the means necessary to help overcome the roadblocks caused by an accident, abuse, or wrongful act.

Harris Law serves seriously injured persons throughout Southwest Florida, and does so with focus on clients, drive for justice, and determination to achieve full and fair money damages compensation for injuries. So, if you were hurt in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers Beach or surrounding communities, then call 888-294-8090 for a free discussion of your circumstances.  There is no fee unless money is recovered for your claim.