Scooter Accident Injury

Motor scooters are very popular in SW Florida. Throughout Fort Myers, Sanibel, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Naples, Marco Island, Punta Gorda, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Fort Myers Beach, scooters are increasingly common. For recreation and a mode of transportation to commute to and from work, scooters are a daily part of life here.

Along with the larger number of scooters on our roads comes the increase in scooter accidents. Scooter crashes are very dangerous, and the small vehicle stands no chance against autos and larger vehicles. Moreover, the much smaller scooter offers no protection for the rider, and in a collision, a serious injury is almost always the result.

Florida Scooter Law Can Be Confusing

In Florida, a conventional motor scooter is a motor vehicle. Motor scooter law can be confusing, however, because certain scooters are considered motorcycles, depending on the engine size (measured by cubic centimeters “cc”) and speed capability.

For example, scooters which exceed 50 cc engines are considered motorcycles under the law. Scooters with 51 cc engines are often capable of traveling up to 40 miles per hour or more, and require a motorcycle endorsement on the driver’s license. For smaller scooters, riders must have a standard driver’s license or higher when operating this motor vehicle on the public roads.

Always remember, a scooter always loses in a crash with a car or truck.

Scooter Riders Take Safety Precautions Just Like Motorcyclists

While many motor scooters have limited speed, these vehicles present dangers to riders on roads having higher speed limits. This is one of the factors scooter riders must consider when riding safely.

Just like many motorcycle riders, motor scooter operators must follow some basic safety measures to reduce the risk of a scooter accident injury:

  • Make sure you have the correct driver’s license which corresponds to your scooter engine size.
  • Drivers of cars, SUVs, and trucks often fail to share the road, endangering scooter riders.
  • Blind spots of cars and trucks are danger zones for scooters.
  • Wear a helmet while riding.
  • Make sure your headlight, taillight, and blinkers are in good working condition.
  • Check your mirrors often to view traffic behind you and on your sides to be able to react quickly to other drivers’ actions.
  • Scooter rider clothing which is reflective is best so motorists can easily see you.


Aggressive Drivers and Careless Motorists Pose Serious Threat to Scooter Riders

Many drivers take aggressive action because scooters are slower vehicles. Aggressive driving toward scooters can include tailgating, speeding, attempted passing which is close to the scooter, and drivers cutting in front of the scooter.

On our roads today, particularly during the morning rush or evening commute, drivers of cars, mini vans, trucks, and SUVs are not known for their patience, courtesy, or attention to traffic conditions. Inattention and distraction are among the top causes of serious auto accidents, and often the cause of a scooter crash is because of the same types of negligence.

When getting on your scooter to ride on public roads, you should always understand that other motorists are not necessarily pleased to share the road with your scooter.  Because scooters are slower than other motor vehicles such as cars and trucks, the fact is that many cars behind a motor scooter try to pass the scooter. Unfortunately, many of these drivers do not have driving skills to match their ambition in getting past you.

Compensation for Injured Scooter Riders in Auto Accidents

More often than not, a scooter crash in SW Fla is the fault of the driver of a larger motor vehicle who was not paying attention, failed to yield, or did not share the road with the motor scooter rider. These scooter accidents are preventable through simply following the rules of the road.

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