Wrongful Death

Everyone’s life in this world has a time limit. Death is the reality each of us grasps in our own way.

When a Careless Person, Driver, or Company Chooses the Time of Our Loved One’s Death

Should that time when we are called home come as a consequence of a productive well lived and through natural means, or the result a careless act? Unquestionably, while we all must accept that we will have our own final moments, that time should not be the result of reckless behavior of some person or company.

We all want to live our lives to their fullest, which for many means marriage, children, grandchildren, and knowing that we made a positive difference in this life. When the life of a loved one is cut short, then the sadness can be overwhelming.  Parents who lose their children, spouses who lose their life partner, children who lose the guiding force of their parents, all suffer the greatest loss they may ever know.

In wrongful death, a loved one died because of another party’s negligence. The careless party chose the time our loved one would depart from us.

The loss was unexpected, and the surviving family members were sent into a tailspin emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  Too often, throughout Southwest Florida, a wrongful death occurs a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. These deaths are avoidable, tragic, and devastate families.  All the hopes and dreams of sharing our future with our loved one evaporated in an instant because someone else made a terrible choice.

Fort Myers Wrongful Death Lawyer May Help Ease the Financial Burden

wrongful death
After the loss of a loved one, family members are left to pick up the pieces. They must deal with the emotional distress, the physical pain caused by the loss, and the reality of mounting financial burdens. Medical bills, funeral costs, lost income, and everyday household expenses continue to pour in. This is a time of great confusion and anger and sadness all striking at the same time.

No amount of money can make up or the loss of a loved one. Money is not a substitute for the unimaginable.

Instead, a wrongful death claim can only serve two purposes: holding the reckless party accountable for their actions, and easing or solving some of your financial worries. In each instance, there may be some peace of mind so you can focus on helping your family recover from this tragedy.

If you lost a loved one due to the negligent acts of another, the at-fault party should be held responsible. Because these cases are complicated, you need an experienced lawyer who is focused on your family’s needs, determined to hold all careless parties accountable for the wrongful death, and driven to obtain the most compensation possible to secure your family’s financial future.

Choosing the Right Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyer

Fort Myers personal injury lawyer David Harris understands the loss of loved ones, and knows the real pain and anguish which result from a family member’s death. Knowing that your mom, dad, husband, wife or child suffered a wrongful death—death caused by someone’s carelessness—drives David to pursue the best outcome possible in our civil justice system for you and your family.

An experienced trial lawyer since 1995, David handles every injury and death case personally from start to finish. Throughout the representation, he talks with clients and listens to them.  Clients understand that is happening and the reasons, have their questions answered, and their phone calls returned.

When David takes on a case, he gives it his all and works tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome. If you have suffered a wrongful death in your family, contact a driven and determined Fort Myers wrongful death lawyer to fight for justice in your case. Schedule a free case consultation 888-294-8090.