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David versus Goliath

David Harris may be your champion to take on your Goliath, whether your opponent is a company, large corporation, or insurance company. The History of David Versus Goliath In the Book of Samuel in The Bible, David is the ultimate underdog. He was not even supposed to be fighting when he took on a nine-foot […]

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Neck Injury After Accident

Severe neck pain often develops after trauma. The cause of that trauma may be an auto accident, sip and fall, construction accident, or similar incidents. The Neck is a Critical Structure for Our Health The neck is a complex structure. Known as the cervical region of the spine, the neck is home to the upper […]

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Slip and Fall

Shopping in a supermarket or store is part of weekly life for most people in Southwest Florida. It is a simple routine we have all mastered. Other than purchasing the items on our lists or just browsing, there is nothing complicated about this process. When we are shopping in a store, we are all customers. […]



Injury of the spinal cord can often lead to impairment or loss of function and senses in different parts of the body. When that loss or disability strikes the lower extremities, such as the legs and reproductive organs, the survivors suffers from paraplegia. Paraplegia Caused by Trauma in Accident There are several different types of […]

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Lawyer for Car Accident

Not every lawyer for car accident claims is the same. In Southwest Florida, there are many good accident attorneys who have the experience and skill to pursue maximum compensation. There are also many attorneys who have little experience in these types of personal injury matters, which can affect not only the accident victim’s pursuit of […]

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Consussion

Injury to the brain and the severity of such damage upon survivorsis confusing for many people. When a sufferer has been diagnosed as having mild traumatic brain injury—MTBI—or concussion, the survivor and family may feel a sense of relief. That understanding is often short-lived when the reality of severe impairment is better understood. Traumatic Brain […]