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David versus Goliath

David Harris may be your champion to take on your Goliath, whether your opponent is a company, large corporation, or insurance company. The History of David Versus Goliath In the Book of Samuel in The Bible, David is the ultimate underdog. He was not even supposed to be fighting when he took on a nine-foot […]

Brain Damage

Brain Damage Changes Lives of Victims and Futures of Families Brain damage is a catastrophic harm which literally changes victims. Abilities, talents, personality, are seemingly lost or altered in a way that may leave the victim as a shell of his or her former self.  Part of the frustration of caregivers, such as spouses, children, […]

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Slip and Fall

Shopping in a supermarket or store is part of weekly life for most people in Southwest Florida. It is a simple routine we have all mastered. Other than purchasing the items on our lists or just browsing, there is nothing complicated about this process. When we are shopping in a store, we are all customers. […]

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Spine Injury

Spinal Cord Injury is Catastrophic Trauma which strikes the spinal cord, devastating injury often results.  This is because the spinal cord is the central nerve in our body which links our brains to our organs and limbs.  The spinal cord, through information carried from our brains, controls our not just our voluntary actions, such as […]

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Car Accident

Every year there are literally thousands of auto accidents and car collisions in Lee County, Collier County, Charlotte County, Hendry County, and our surrounding communities. Over the past several years, the numbers of car wrecks have gone up and down year-to-year, but the average stays fairly constant.  That staggering number throughout Florida annually is an average […]


TBI Caused by Vehicle Collisions

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the single largest cause of death from injury in the United States. Head trauma leading to brain injury often occurs in auto accidents, including motorcycle accidents and commercial vehicle collisions. Half of All Traumatic Brain Injuries are Caused by Auto Accidents About half of all traumatic brain injuries are caused […]